gerryfaustPresident Faust Management Corp, SAN DIEGO, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

Randal Godden was one of the best CEO’s I ever worked with. And now he is one of the best business advisers, CEO coaches and consultants it has ever been my pleasure to work with. We have worked together with several clients and I have brought him in to work on several of my clients. He never disappoints. Randal is professional, knowledgeable, direct and to the point. He does not play politics. He keeps clients because they need and respect his input and judgment. A team player who brings out the best in others, Randal is prepared to roll up his sleeves and work side by side with clients to deliver superior results. No one knows numbers, and how to improve profits better, than Randal.

Dr. Gerrry W. Faust. Ph.D.
President, Faust Management Corporation. San Diego, USA


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