Principles of commitment for members of Vistage South Africa



  1. To attend most meetings, so that every member receives maximum value and is able to continuously contribute to the group.
  2. To maintain absolute confidentiality regarding individual business issues raised during the VISTAGE process.
  3. To arrive at all meetings on time and stay through until the agreed closing time.
  4. To arrange not to be disturbed during VISTAGE meetings, one-on-one meetings or other VISTAGE activities except in the event of a real emergency or at specified breaks.
  5. To ensure adequate advance preparation for and to participate fully in the Education segment of the meetings, the executive session, the one-on-one meeting, and VISTAGE network activities.
  6. To be open and honest in all aspects of the VISTAGE process, while displaying a high degree of mutual respect for fellow members.
  7. To be candid in their evaluations of Educational Resource Speakers, their Group Chairman, other members and themselves.
  8. To help maintain the group at a working level of 10-12 members, by recommending appropriate CEOs for membership should vacancies become available within their VISTAGE group.
  9. To act as a meeting host in rotation with other members (i.e. one meeting per year )
  10. To pay VISTAGE subscriptions monthly in advance on the due date.

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