Randal Godden
Managing Director of Vistage SA

Randal Godden is the Managing Director and Licensee of Vistage  South Africa (formerly TEC SA). He launched the program in South Africa in 1998 with member groups in Johannesburg and Cape Town. He also operates as a strategic management consultant and company director in South Africa and internationally. He has the unusual combination of line management experience, Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer plus strategic consulting and mentoring to clients in a broad range of industries.

He is an active Vistage Chair in a coaching and mentoring CEO’s, which involves assisting members to both learn and grow personally as well as strategically enhancing their businesses. He was a TEC member in Australia and has undertaken every facet of the process including executive roundtable facilitation, educational resource and consultant to member organizations.

“As CEO of Vistage I act as a trusted mentor and adviser to CEO’s and I chair a monthly advisory board meeting of peers. We deal with strategic, specific and generic business issues. I also conduct a monthly one-on-one meeting with each of my members, analyzing their problems, issues and possible solutions in-depth.”

Godden is an Australian-born business expert with more than 40 years corporate and commercial expertise.

He joined O’Brien Glass, the Australian subsidiary of Plate Glass as Finance Director in 1975. O’Brien Glass was a vertically integrated business involving manufacture, distribution, contracting, retail and retail services through a national network of owned branches. Two years later he was appointed CEO, a position he held for fifteen years. The company grew dramatically and under his guidance made the transition from manufacturing / distribution to the retail market leader of glass in Australia. He was also a member of the Plate Glass International Management team. During his tenure the business grew from $A20 million to over $A250 million in revenue with 200 operating branches.

In 1992, Randal accepted a partnership with Faust Management Corporation in San Diego, California, which provides strategic management consulting to a broad range of industries in the USA and internationally. Consulting services included:

  • business diagnosis
  • strategic planning
  • organizational design and restructure
  • change management
  • team facilitation
  • operational planning
  •  executive coaching for CEO’s

He was also heavily involved in the Executive Insight diagnostic suite of products, including management of their licensee network.

He worked full-time for 3 years as a strategic management consultant mainly in the USA but also internationally. Faust Management, amongst other specialist tools, utilizes the Adizes methodology embracing Management Styles and Life Cycles of Business. It specializes in strategic interventions together with post-consulting activities to ensure execution of the strategic direction and agreed thrusts and action plans.

Randal has conducted many strategic interventions in the USA with a broad range of industries and clients. He still works regularly with a range of clients in the USA even though he now resides in SA.

The cornerstone of his strategic interventions is the Market Product Scope of the business: Which markets and clients to service and those NOT to service and which products and services to provide and those NOT to provide. The Market Product Scope then enables the organization to strategically align all other facets of the business including stakeholders, SWOT, resources etc with the clear strategic direction necessary for success.

During the past 20 years he has worked with a broad range of senior executives in a variety of industries in South Africa and the USA in particular.

His roles include company Chairman, Director, Coach, Mentor and Strategic Planning Consultant. He also acts as a keynote speaker to business groups and companies on various strategic and management topics.

Randal is married to Elsa Krüger, a South African, and his outside interests include social activities with family and friends, golf, swimming, reading, wine and music.