Randal Godden is the Managing Director and Licensee of Vistage  South Africa (formerly TEC SA). He launched the program in South Africa in 1998 with member groups in Johannesburg and Cape Town. He also operates as a strategic management consultant and company director in South Africa and internationally. He has the unusual combination of line management experience, Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer plus strategic consulting and mentoring to clients in a broad range of industries.

He is an active Vistage Chair in a coaching and mentoring CEO’s, which involves assisting members to both learn and grow personally as well as strategically enhancing their businesses. He was a TEC member in Australia and has undertaken every facet of the process including executive roundtable facilitation, educational resource and consultant to member organizations.

“As CEO of Vistage I act as a trusted mentor and adviser to CEO’s and I chair a monthly advisory board meeting of peers. We deal with strategic, specific and generic business issues. I also conduct a monthly one-on-one meeting with each of my members, analyzing their problems, issues and possible solutions in-depth.”

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Godden is an Australian-born business expert with more than 40 years corporate and commercial expertise.

Detailed Employment History

1957 / 1958 Marrickville Holdings
Junior Cost Accountant for Vegetable Oil Refinery.
Responsible for all production and accounting statistics and reports for a large refinery.
1959 / 1962 Scott and Bowne
Financial and Cost Accountant for pharmaceutical company in the Manufacture and Distribution of ethical and Over The Counter products.
1963 / 1964 Rheem Australia
Cost Accountant for manufacturing plants – Hot Water Systems and steel containers.
Subsidiary of BHP Australia. Monthly Financial and Cost Accounting reports produced by working day three with no computers.
1964 / 1966 Hoover Australia
Financial Accountant – Manufacturing / Distribution/ Wholesaler of White Goods.
Large office staff of clerical, book keepers and office staff including invoicing, book – keeping, Accounts Payable and Credit Control. Produce monthly financials and report to Hoover UK.
1966 / 1967 Cynamid Australia (Lederle)
CFO and Cost Accountant  for Manufacturing and Distribution Company in the Pharmaceutical industry.
1968 / 1975 UpJohn Pty Ltd
Pharmaceutical Company with Manufacturing, wholesaling, and distribution direct to Retailers. CFO and progressively manager of every function for at least a year (marketing, sales, production, distribution and HR) in preparation for General Manager / Managing Director role probably in the Far East.
1975 / 1992 O’ Brien Glass P / L
Started as CFO in 1975 and then promoted to CEO in 1976. Broad based business with manufacturing, wholesale distribution, construction and retail.  During that period grew business from $ 10 mill in sales to $ 250 mill with significant profit. Also grew Retail network to 200 branches in Glass and Auto Glass. Became the dominant retailer with 50 % of the Australian glass and auto glass markets transitioning from originally being  a glass merchant / wholesaler and secondary manufacturer.
1992 / 1993 Charles Davis Australia
CEO of chain of 20 Retail Department Stores across Australia.
1993 / 1995 Faust Management Corp
Partner and Strategic Management Consultant in San Diego USA.
Company turnarounds, strategic interventions, regular consulting activities with CEO’s and their management teams. Involved in all aspects of business particularly strategy, operations, people management, organisation structure, culture and finance. . Broad base of clients including manufacturing, multi channel retail network, direct marketing financial services, insurance plus pet food retailing and distribution.
1996 / CurrentVistage Licensee for Vistage Worldwide in South Africa, plus Consulting and Company Director Roles.
Vistage a coaching and mentoring organization for CEO’s and senior executives. Operating as a Chairman of two CEO groups in Cape Town and Johannesburg of 12 CEO’s per group.  Also Company Director and strategic management consulting in broad variety of SA companies and also maintained regular consulting relationships with several US clients in California. Also worked internationally in Australia, Canada, Middle East and the UK.