Some Life Lessons I liked This Week

I recently watched and listened to the keynote address at a 2013 university graduation ceremony in Western Australia by Tim Minchin, an Aussie public speaker and comedian.

I found the presentation compelling and in particular enjoyed his own 9 lessons of life which I’ve summarised:

1. No long term dreams.

They are by definition long term and are not often fulfilled. Rather work on regular short term goals or objectives with focus, diligence and successful completion.

2. Do not seek happiness for yourself.

Rather make other people happy, it is a preferable state of mind. It also imbues a culture of happiness which “flows”.

3. We are lucky to be alive, endowed and enriched.

Irrespective of our circumstances we are blessed with an abundance of riches – be grateful !

4. Exercise!

We must take regular care of our body – it helps every facet of our lives.

5. Be tough on your own opinions.

Do not retain fixed points of view. Rather examine and challenge your hard held opinions to ensure they stand up to scrutiny.

6. Be a teacher and if possible a school teacher.

But in any case teach in one form or another, it enriches the recipients as well as yourself.

7. Define yourself by what you love, not what you dislike.

Be positive about those enriching elements. Avoid negativity where ever possible.

8. Respect people in all walks of life and at all levels.

Treat people with respect and empathy irrespective of their status or station.

9. Don’t be in a rush, don’t panic.

We are here for an extended period and have time to make things happen.

And fill your life with as many positive attributes as possible : Learning, Pride, Enthusiasm, Love, Compassion etc just to mention a few.

Share your ideas and listen to others and so learn and grow.

I found this a truly thought provoking list and I recommended the video on my Facebook .

The manner in which the presentation was delivered, was clever, erudite, concise and humorous. Not a single boring moment.

I hope you like it as much as I did.






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